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Aluminum camera arm jib

Camera Arm Jibs


Camera interface: the 65/75mm bowl base plate is in combination with the fast assembly;
Main body bracket: made by whole aluminum alloy, the square tube is designed with the
length of 3.1 meters, total six sections, forearm 1.8m, rear arm 1.3m;
Counter-Weight: The horizontal direction weight, standard farmer;
Installation: 65/75mm  bowl size and 1/4 screw interface
Loaded Weight:  8kg/17.64lbs.
Use: every part is flexible and free.
Base: the base fork has a brake that can increase damping and the brakes are free to locate at 270 degrees.
The large base design is more stable, and is smoother with built-in 60mm flat bearing
Carry: one package, folding design of back arm, quick  assemble and can be turned over, the packing length only need 1.2m
All SLR cameras and home DV camera camera.
Package weight :15.6kg/34.39lbs



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