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The miliboo MTT702A is ideal for professional camera and camcorder tripod,and it’s higher than most tripods.The most prominent feature of our tripod is the GREAT stability.Thanks for the great load-bearing ability,you do not have to worry about the quality.

The sleek bowl head includes a quick release plate with 1/4 and 3/8 screw for camera equipment( control the degree of tightness by a coin),and the fluid head can be used as a head with flat base after remove ball head and then be installed on mono pod and the like.The plate safety-catch prevents the camera from slipping off and falling.The Fluid head is cold-proof and antifreezing , and can be operated when the temperature is 20 Degrees Celsius below zero.

The height of tripod with fluid head is between 200cm and 38cm, it is suitable for anybody whose height is 190cm and below.


Product Parmeter:


Model:Tower MTT702A

Material:Aluminum Alloy

Legs Tube diameter: 24.6-29-34.2-39mm / 0.97-1.14-1.34-1.53 inch

Wall Thickness: 1.2mm / 0.048 inch

Maximum Load-bearing:10kg /22lbs

Attachment: 1/4″ screw, 3/8″ screw

Min Height:41cm/16in

Fluid Head:MYT803


Legs Section:4

Storage Height:83cm/32.68in


Fluid Head Details


Component:Flat base+bowl+handle+fine-turning damping

Bowl size:75mm/2.95in

Adjust angle:horizontal angle is 360 degree and pitching angle is between +90 and -70 degree


Head height:21cm/8.27in

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